Welcome to Sky Casper Entertainment!

My name is Sky and I am the proud owner of SCE. In 2015, I was inspired to start my business to bring unique entertainment and joy to my LGBTQ family in Connecticut. After much success, I have decided that I want to expand and bring joy to people around the world, regardless of sexual or gender identity, create safe spaces, and help amazing LGBTQ+ talent blossom into superstars wherever they may be.

I produce a variety of in-person and online shows, manage incredible talent from around the world, and book talent for all types of private, personal, and corporate events/shows. Whether it be a pride festival, birthday party, wedding, corporate event, etc...  no event is complete without the uplifting and personal touch of Sky Casper (no, not that kind of personal touch).

I know, it's all very exciting! Take a moment to check out our events, sign-up for my monthly updates below, and feel free to reach out for any inquiries! My email is Sky@SkyCasper.com.

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Michael Peccerilli

Hands down everything Sky does is amazing and always a great time! I highly recommend attending any of his events!

Carrie Malarkey

Sky’s shows are always fun and welcoming. No one I’ve brought has been disappointed or not had an amazing time. In addition to that, Sky himself is a sweet wonderful human being with a heart of gold that I am blessed to know.

Joe Reddish

They are fun, creative, and entertaining! Did I mention fun?

Ronnie Mckenzie

Sky was fun to work with at the Garde Arts Center in New London Connecticut. I’m one of the House managers there! We had a great time! Thanks, Sky